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There are a number of great sites that we all visit to collaborate, investigate, and enjoy.  You may have our list of links stored in your favorites already, but some may not.  As well, we list other sites because we respect them, their content and see them as relevant to the G3 Owners audience.  If you have a very good site that you've found and one that you believe that we should recognize, please forward that link to us, so we can have a look and share it.


Fiberglassics - A wonderful resource for anyone involved in classic fiberglass boats.  The forum members are top notch, as are the administrators of the website.  The community, gallery and resources are second to none!  www.fiberglassics.com


Florida Glasspar Club - The largest Glasspar boat club in the USA.  This group's mission mission is to provide a vehicle for owners of classic glasspar boats to get together and enjoy events where boating together on Florida’s waterways is the goal and to support the preservation, restoration and promotion of the classic boats built by Glasspar.  www.floridaglassparclub.com


Golden State Glassics - A classic boat club that was formed in 2001 in the great state of California.  While the club originated celebrating Glasspar boats, today it has several hundred members who own Glassic boats of all origins.  Lots of great folks over there and interesting boat albums.  www.goldenstateglassics.com


Glasspar Owners Association - The Official and Authorized Glasspar Owners Association Website and boat restoration guide that focuses on restoring Glasspar boats and boating, camping, fishing, and other outdoor related topics.  www.classicglasspars.com

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