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We would love to see your G3 restoration project, whether its underway or been long completed!  If you want to share your photos and commentary with the group, please post you project in the "G3 Restorations" section on our forum.


No restoration is too small.  We would like to see everything from simple repairs to full restorations to your fancy custom work.  Work that details common issues are very much desired; spider crack repair, gel coat repair, wet sanding techniques, neat ways to solve problems, rigging ideas, structural modifications, raised transom work... you name it!


Featured Restorations


Here we will feature some of the most extensive and best documented restorations, so that others can appreciate the work that goes into a fine restoration, as well as learn from challenges that were solved by others.

2nd Chance - 1960 G3 Center Deck - Restoration by Dan Wittek


This beautiful restoration is one of the most extensive and best documented restorations we've seen.  Dan did a wonderful job.  The quality and beauty of his finished project speaks for itself.  Download his 154 page  restoration document, it is in PDF format and is 11 megabytes.  >Click here to download

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