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The G3 Owners Association


The G3 Owners Association was founded by Karl Beisel in 1990.  By the year 2000 there were hundreds of members including Bill Tritt, the boat's designer and founder of Glasspar Boat Company.


The Glasspar G3 is a classic boat and is one of the most popular restorable fiberglass boats.  The Glasspar G3 Owners association was recognized as the first special interest group for an early production-line, all fiberglass model boat.  Initially, informational exchanges were between a small group of enthusiasts, but the the membership grew to include members across the US and Canada.


The G3 Owners Association is a Marque Club of the Antique & Classic Boat Society.


For some time there have been interest groups for classic wooden boats.  But pursuing early wooden versions (often finished like fine furniture) is still quite expensive.  These G3 models are distinctively designed, memorable and quite recognizable.  They are inexpensive and perform well with smaller outboards.  But most need restoration in varying degrees, and this can become an extensive project.  In the end, there is a unique and subtle pleasure in owning a classic boat.  It is not uncommon to pull up to a ramp and have someone glance your way, smile and glowingly announce, "My gosh, that's a Glasspar G3!"


Information on this site has been compiled from the efforts of Karl Beisel, his brother Chris Beisel, and countless others that have contributed their experience and research.  The information instructs how to identify the model year, provides techniques on restoration, and presents to the G3 community the names and boats of the membership.  It was originally distributed to Association members through a booklet, but today that information can be accessed here on www.G3owners.com website.  We will be adding more material as it is disseminated.  We will also be adding well documented restorations of some very cool boats.  And, if you have a nice condition G3, submit your photos to us... we would like to feature them on this website!


Finally, as we get organized, we are going to do our best to revive the G3 Owners Association Registry.  You will find on the menu above, our Registry link where you can input your and your G3's information.  Our new registry will include much more information than in the past, better describing your boat, motor, restoration state and of course, where it is located.  We encourage our members to join the G3 Owners forum, also accessible above.  As with the G3 Owners forum of the old days, we would like it to be a place to share information, ask questions and have fun engaging with other G3 owners.


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