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The G3 crowd is a funny lot.  They have a wee bit more vinegar in their veins, most likely why they own a thoroughbred speed boat in the first place.  Most owners love speed and drop on more power than the G3 was intended for, and run it at the ragged edge of stability.  Oh, what fun!


Since the G3 was introduced, there has been a bit of a rivalry between the OMC and Mercury camps, though its all in fun.  First and foremost, G3'ers have great appreciation for one another, each others boats and love to socialize with one another.  The "kookyhuffers" and "johnrudes" poke at each other with big grins on their faces.  Newbies are welcomed, but eventually will get a poke and a smile.  So for those that may wander into a banter on the forum, don't feel threatened or offended, smile and enjoy the rivalry.


That being said, step on in to see some of the finest power mounted on the G3.


If you would like to have your motor featured here, please send us your 800 pixel-wide (or better) photo, and we would love to post it.  If you have another brand motor, such as a Flying Scott, Chrysler, inboard V8, or other... we want to feature those too!  We will add those slide show web pages as we get your photos!


Evinrude / Johnson power

Mercury power



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