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Glasspar G3 Ski Boat: During an era when fiberglass boats had rounded features, fins and some even looked like spacecraft... a new, non-traditional boat design emerged. Named after a military missile of the late 1950’s, the Glasspar G3 was a popular boat that would be manufactured for more than a decade. The G3 had a low profile, was light and nimble and had a unique design element of sponsons that protruded outward from the aft-sides of the boat. It was truly a modern design in 1959! The G3 was produced in two similar configurations between 1959 and 1967. Larson bought Glasspar and later produced a 14’ boat called the Larson Catalina G3, though it shared none of the original features of the G3. The G3 was 13’7” in length and weighed 390 lbs. It was rated for up to a 60 hp, short shaft (15” shaft length) outboard motor. Both boats shared the same hull mold, though the deck configuration was changed from a center deck model to an open deck model in the 1962 model year. "If you were anybody in the '60's, you had a G3"

G3 Center Deck

1959 to 1961 - Bench seat in the front, no seats in the aft cockpit, though some of the early models had a pad option for the aft cockpit floor.


G3 Open Deck

1962 to 1963 - Matching bucket seats for two, and the passenger side seat flipped around backwards to provide the water skiing observer view of the skier behind the boat.

1964 – the G3 model was not produced

1965 to 1967 – Back to back seating for four passengers.


Catalina G3

1969 to 1975 - The Larson era Glasspar Catalina G3 was a completely new hull design.





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